Don’t mess with our constitution! Keep the right to choose the State Treasurer!

On April 3rd, 2018, Wisconsin voters will have a constitutional referendum on the ballot to decide if they want to eliminate their right to choose the State Treasurer, and have it become a bureaucratic appointee.

1) Denying a vote decreases accountability

As Senator Alberta Darling (R-River Hills) has advocated in the past, we need to hold all parts of our government accountable and advocate for elected Technical College Boards. Now is the time for more publicly accountable elected officials, not fewer.

2) Denying a vote increases spending

Wisconsin Taxpayers Alliance studied the size of Wisconsin County Boards and their relationship to spending. They found that increasing the number of elected officials on county boards was associated with lower spending. It helps “keep spending in check by making each supervisor more accountable.” Electing officials (as opposed to appointing) holds them accountable at every level.

3) Denying a vote will not eliminate any positions

Denying citizens a vote on this statewide elected position will not eliminate any positions – rather the jobs are just shuffled from one agency to another. No duties are eliminated, rather it just reshuffles the deck. And some appointed bureaucrat will likely get a huge pay boost to do the duties the State Treasurer used to do. Except you won’t have any ability to hold the new Treasurer accountable.

4) Denying a vote can increase the cost of government

Functions formerly provided by the State Treasurer (Unclaimed Property fund, Local Government Investment Pool)  were handed over to the Revenue Secretary. Treasurer makes $68,556 a year, but the Revenue Secretary makes $113,611.02 – a 66% increase in salary!

6) Denying a vote could lead to an appointed Attorney General

If we decide that we’re going to eliminate elected officials, the Attorney General actually has fewer constitutional duties than the Secretary of State. Next in line will be eliminating the right of citizens to vote for their Attorney General. Having a diversity of elected officials helps hold all parts of our government accountable to We The People!


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