Guest Post from Cynthia Kaump

I know April 3rd, there will be a constitutional amendment on the ballot to eliminate the State Treasurer’s Office for Wisconsin.

Please reject it. It’s wrong and it’s current stripping of duties and programs is ILLEGAL.

I was the Director of Communications and Community Outreach for this office for 3 years. I brought with me, more than 2 decades of tv news experience in Wisconsin as a criminal and investigative producer and reporter, as well experience in the national arena specifically reporting on… war, corruption and politics. I know communications. I know laws. I know politics.

My boss at the time, Treasurer Kurt Schuller campaigned to eliminate this office, but did an “about face.” You see, once serving in the role he saw first-hand the value of the programs operating on REVENUE EARNED dollars, rather than your tax dollars. OST actually paid into the general fund (tax pool), rather than taking from it to fund the office and its programs. That, is good business and fiscally responsible. Further, Secretary Schuller came to the realization, to legally eliminate this office was constitutionally complex and not protective of funds controlled by that office which belong to people in Wisconsin. Those in support of eliminating this office are misrepresenting the “simplicity” of making such a move. It’s misleading and illegal and quite frankly, insulting to the intelligence of the general population.

I ask you to please consider this…

This is a concentration of power. Currently, there are only 6 statewide constitutional offices through which your voice can be heard. Eliminating one of those offices, removes a place for you to reach out and seek necessary information as a citizen of Wisconsin. Further, programs which were nestled (by the Constitution) in this office are currently being run in other agencies headed by APPOINTED individuals… not people you chose to ELECT. These programs are not performing even somewhat comparatively successful as to when they were in the Office of the State Treasurer. In most states, the State Treasuer (an elected position) oversees agencies such as the Department of Revenue (your tax haven and home to the lottery) and other streams of revenue for the state. The constitution clearly states an intricate series of layers keeping programs such as Unclaimed Property under the watchful eye of an elected party… the State Treasurer. It is complicated, so most have ignored this happening right under their noses.

WORSE AND MOST IMPACTFUL TO YOU: While programs such as Unclaimed Property were housed in the State Treasurer’s office (per the constitution) and paid for with revenue, rather than money out of your pocket… OST returned RECORD AMOUNTS OF MONEY ($36 Million in one year) TO THE PEOPLE OF WISCONSIN, THUS BOOSTING OUR LOCAL ECONOMY IN A FISCAL SLUMP. We promoted and reached out to the public to let you know, you have money and you should have it returned to you. One such effort put back into the accounts of a woman who lost use of her limbs… $180,000 she needed and was legally entitled to have. We found her and returned her money to her. NONE of this is being done now to support our citizens, nor our economy.

If you have questions about this, I would be more than willing to delve into a deeper explanation.


And please share this post with all of your friends asking the same of them.

-Cynthia Kaump

La Crosse & Racine County GOP Chairmen understand we need to protect the Constitution

From Former La Crosse County Chairman Julian Bradley:

“Instead of eliminating the office and enlarging our state’s bureaucracy, we need to focus on restoring duties and accountability.”

From Former Racine County Chairman Bill Folk:

“For 36 years, under Democratic and Republican Governors, there has been a concerted effort to remove duties from the Secretary of State and place those duties into the hands of unelected and unaccountable boards. This is not because the office has become irrelevant but the occupant has been ineffective.”

From Kewaunee County Administrator Scott Feldt:

“For years, the political elite have chipped away at the treasurer’s office, taking power away from an elected official and concentrating it in the hands of bureaucrats, this is the wrong course; it’s not a conservative idea; it’s not a progressive idea. It’s Madison politics, pure and simple.”